Terra Global Completes 11th year of GHG Verification and Carbon Neutrality

Terra Global completes its 11th year of reporting and verification of GHG emissions from company operations under the Climate Registry’s Reporting Protocol

Response: How FERN actively uses forest communities as a political tool depriving them of much needed resources

Communities working on the frontier of deforestation are being used as a political tool by FERN – a group who opposes market based solutions without regard to the negative impact on forest communities

Article Published by Terra Global Founder, CEO “Fueling Climate Finance in Colombia”

Leslie Durschinger’s article providing early insights on the climate finance opportunities developing from Colombia’s new carbon fuel tax law is published in IETA Insights-Greenhouse Gas Market Report

U.S. Farmers Earn World’s First Carbon Credits from Rice Cultivation

Conservation practices for rice management in California and Midsouth generate sustainability benefits including reduced greenhouse gas emissions and savings in water and energy use.

Terra Global Capital, Leading the Way

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