Guidance and Best Practices for REDD+ Transactions

This paper, as developed by Terra Global Capital, is meant to serve as a readable guide for projects seeking guidance and best practices for REDD+ transactions, with a focus on private sources of REDD

Terra Global Recognized as an Innovator at ACR Annual Gala

Terra Global Capital was recognized with the Innovation award for development of a 5,000 acre rice management project in California’s Sacramento Valley, recently listed on American Carbon Registry.

Terra Global Participates in High Level USAID Workshop

In July 2014, Terra Global participated in the USAID workshop along with key private sector organizations seeking to attract new sources of finance for forest conservation and sustainable landscapes.

The Kulera Landscape REDD+ Program Completes Verfication

The Kulera Landscape REDD+ Program in Malawi is the first landscape REDD+ program in Africa to complete verification of emission reductions under the VCS with a triple gold CCB accreditation.

Terra Global Capital, Leading the Way

Demonstrating and scaling the business case for sustaining natural resources through promoting transparency, accountability, and collaboration.

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