NEW Request for Proposal (RFP) – For Projects and Jurisdictional Programs Seeking Climate Finance for Nature-based Solutions

Terra Global Capital
August, 2023

Terra Global Capital is excited to announce our Nature-based Solutions Request for Proposal (RFP)!

This RFP aims to identify projects and jurisdictional programs seeking Climate Finance for Nature-based Solutions in developing and emerging economies.

Our team will evaluate prospective projects and programs that seek to receive Climate Finance that would fund a collaboratively developed set of activities to scale sustainable income streams for local communities and produce verified emission reductions and/or removals (VERRs) from reducing deforestation and degradation and increasing trees on the landscape.

For projects and programs selected under this RFP, Terra Global will work with the project and program owners to develop a Carbon Eligibility Assessment (CEA), which is a collaboratively developed business case for being able to use private sector Climate Finance.

In case the CEA indicates long-term viability, funding for approved projects/programs may be provided through upfront investments to implement the activities on the ground, and payment on performance via long-term purchases of verified emission reductions/removals (VERRs), from projects and programs that produce climate, social, and biodiversity benefits.

This competitive proposal process is open to national and local governments, NGOs, private entities, civil society organizations, indigenous groups, cooperatives, and private landowners.

Projects and programs must indicate the define at a high level the proposed change in practices from “business as usual” to apply for this RFP.

We are excited about the impact of this initiative and look forward to collaborating with partners that share our commitment to nature-based solutions and climate action.

Applicants can access the RFP and Application Questionnaire at this link.