REDD+ Finance Workshop - Antigua, Guatemala (Day 1)

This series of two workshops leading up to COP 20 in Lima is being supported by the USAID funding Regional Climate Change Program (RCCP), in partnership with UN-REDD, IDB and USAID funded Forest Carbon Markets for Communities (FCMC) to meet three objectives.

The first goal of the workshops is to help the governments of Central America and a few South American countries frame the requirements for their REDD+ Financing Plans and understand how these will link to national REDD+ strategies.

The second goal of the workshops will be to provide insight into the types and sources of REDD+ related finance and risk mitigation instruments that are accessible by governments and how these can be combined and leveraged to meet their REDD+ program funding needs.

The third objective of the workshop series is to inform a number of Latin American governments on key aspects of the UNFCCC negotiations so that they can take an active part in the negotiations surrounding REDD+ finance in Lima. This final objective will build on the foundational elements of REDD+ financing plans and the range of REDD+ funding sources and financing instruments covered in the first two objectives.

Presentations from Workshop 1 “Building Multi-Source REDD+ Financing Strategies that Link Subprograms to National REDD+ Strategies” in Guatemala September 17 and 18 may be found below. 

Session 1: Guatemala Host Country Welcome and Government Presentation on Guatemala’s national REDD+ strategy and related financing requirements

Bienvenida de Guatemala, país anfitrión, y presentación gubernamental de la estrategia nacional REDD+ de Guatemala y requisitos financieros relacionados

Speakers: Marcel Oseida, MARN, Jacobo Cotto, INAB (National Forestry Institute)


Session 2: Recap of key finance issues coming out of the recent UN-REDD Regional national strategies workshops

Resumen de los asuntos financieros clave que surgieron en los recientes talleres UN-REDD Regionales de estrategias nacionales (Quito Julio 30- 1ero Agosto) (45 minutos)

Speaker:  Jacinto Coello, UN-REDD Programme

Session 3: REDD+ Finance: Defining Components of a REDD+ National Strategy Financing Plan

Financiamiento REDD+: Definiendo los componentes de una estrategia nacional de financiamiento REDD+

Speaker:  Leslie Durschinger, Founder, Managing Director, Terra Global Capital

Session 4: REDD+ Finance: Prioritizing Actions, Policies and Measures of the REDD+ Strategy and Financial Modeling

Financiamiento REDD+: Priorizando acciones, políticas y medidas de la estrategia REDD+ y modelo financiero

Speakers: Omar Samayoa, Climate Change Specialist Guatemala, IDB;  Luis Alejandro Mejía, Terra Global, USAID Regional Climate Change Program

Session 5: Structuring Investable Entities within a REDD+ National Strategy: Case Studies

Estructurando entidades de inversion dentro de una estrategia nacional REDD+: Caso de estudio

Speakers: Thiago Chagas, Ludovino Lopes Advogados; Gustavo Suárez de Freitas Calmet, Executive Coordinator, National Programme for Forest Conservation, Ministry of Environment, Peru (case study)  

Session 6: Overview of REDD+ Financing Landscape, Sources and Types of Funds

Resumen del escenario financiero, fuentes y tipos de fondos de REDD+

Speakers: Charlie Parker, Executive Director, Climate Focus