REDD+ Finance Workshop - Panama City, Panama

This series of two workshops leading up to COP 20 in Lima is being supported by the USAID funding Regional Climate Change Program (RCCP), in partnership with UN-REDD, IDB and USAID funded Forest Carbon Markets for Communities (FCMC) to meet three objectives.

The first goal of the workshops is to help the governments of Central America and a few South American countries frame the requirements for their REDD+ Financing Plans and understand how these will link to national REDD+ strategies.

The second goal of the workshops will be to provide insight into the types and sources of REDD+ related finance and risk mitigation instruments that are accessible by governments and how these can be combined and leveraged to meet their REDD+ program funding needs.

The third objective of the workshop series is to inform a number of Latin American governments on key aspects of the UNFCCC negotiations so that they can take an active part in the negotiations surrounding REDD+ finance in Lima. This final objective will build on the foundational elements of REDD+ financing plans and the range of REDD+ funding sources and financing instruments covered in the first two objectives.

Presentations from Workshop 2 "Regional Approach to Promoting a Reinforced Understanding of the Financial Decisions made under the UNFCCC" in Guatemala October 21 and 22 may be found below. 

Day 1, Session 1: Presentation of the Agenda and Summary of Key Points from the First Workshop

Presentación de la agenda y resumen de los puntos clave del primer taller

Speaker: Jacinto Coello, Programa ONU-REDD

Day 1, Session 2: Framing the discussion - Introduction to REDD + and the Warsaw Framework - Implications for Countries

Enmarcando la discusión – Introducción a REDD+ y el Marco de Varsovia – implicaciones para los países

Speaker: Bruno Guay, Programa ONU-REDD

Day 1, Sesson 3: The Current State of the Negotiations Under the UNFCCC, Relevant Decisions and Implications for Countries in the Region

Requisitos y lineamientos para recibir pagos por resultados bajo la CMNUCC (Marco de Varsovia y pagos por resultados) Requirements and Guidelines for Outcome Payments under the UNFCCC (Warsaw Framework and Results Based Payments)         

Speaker: Bruno Guay, UN-REDD Programme

Actualización sobre el marco lógico y las modalidades para pagos por resultados contempladas en el Fondo Verde del ClimaUpdate on the Logical Framework and Modalities for Results Based Payments Contemplated in the Green Climate Fund    

Speaker: Andrés Mogro, Ministerio del Ambiente Ecuador (vía web)

Day 1, Session 4: The Current State of the Negotiations Under the UNFCCC, Relevant Decisions and Implications for Countries in the Region

Financiamiento REDD+: Nuevos Mecanismos de Mercado y Framework for Various Approaches (Financing REDD +: New Market Mechanisms and Framework for Various Approaches)

Speaker: Manuel Estrada, Terra Global Capital, USAID Forest Carbon, Markets and Communities

NAMAs y su vinculación con REDD+ (NAMAs and their link to REDD+)

Spearkers: John Costenbader, Consultor Senior, Climate Focus; Marianella Feoli, Directora Ejecutiva, Fundecooperación, Costa Rica

Day 2, Session 1: Country Perspectives - Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements for REDD+ Finance 2015-2020

Costa Rica, María Elena Herrera, FONAFIFO

Perú, Jorge Torres Padilla, Programa Nacional de Conservación de Bosques, Asesor Fondo Nacional REDD+ (por determinar)

Day 2, Session 2: Public-private Partnerships for REDD+: How to Involve the Private Sector in the Implementation and Financing of REDD+

Sector agropecuario (Agricultural Sector), Edgar Monge, Ethical Trading Manager – Americas, Tesco

Sector agropecuario (Agricultural Sector), Martin Keller, Presidente, Asociación de Reservas Naturales Privadas de Guatemala

Reducciones de Emisiones Verificadas (Verified Emission Reductions), Leslie Durschinger, Directora Ejecutiva, Terra Global

Day 2, Session 3 (Parallel Sessions): Demystifying ERPAs & Development a National REDD+ Financing Plan

Sesiones paralelas de trabajo en grupos (Parallel Group Sessions)

Desmitificando ERPAs, Thiago Chagas, Ludovino Lopes Advogados y Leslie Durschinger, Terra Global Capital

Desarrollo del plan de financiamiento para la Estrategia Nacional REDD+, Luis Alejandro Mejía, Consultor Senior, Terra Global Capital