Climate Smart Agriculture

Providing the full spectrum of support for the development of emission reductions and environmental improvements from; rice, cattle ranching, row crops, bio-char, and grasslands under multiple market standards.

Feasibility for GHG Reductions from Changes in Practices

Terra Global has developed project-specific feasibility analyses investigating the financial and practical feasibility of different agricultural offsets. We work together with farmers, farmer organizations, and other stakeholders to develop the environmental benefits from adopting sustainable farming practices.

Methodology and Protocol Development

Terra Global has applied the latest scientific research on agricultural GHG emissions to develop quantification methodologies allowing farmers to participate in both voluntary and California’s compliance emission reduction markets. This work is leading the development of new agriculture emission reduction sector in the United States, with applications internationally. 

Aggregation of Emission Reduction Programs

Due the nature of most agricultural emissions reductions programs it is often required that multiple farms or ranches be grouped to achieve the economies of scale in order to provide viable returns. Terra Global engages with farmers to support: practice changes that produce emission reductions, data collection, market standard documentation, verification of emission reductions and distribution of emission reduction revenue.

Integrated Software Solutions for Monitoring Efficiency

Terra Global has been particularly active in the development of software applications and tools to reduce transaction costs and data entry costs. We recognize that there is a proliferation of data entry software within the agricultural industry. Terra Global has the experience to develop custom plug-ins to automatically transfer data from these systems to fill out Project Documents and Project Plans which reduces the burden on farmers.

Applications of Biogeochemical Models

Terra Global has extensive experience in running state-of-the-art process-based biogeochemical models, including, Daycent/CENTURY, DNDC and EPIC. These models allow for the simulating of natural processes underlying emission reductions and GHG emissions in agriculture, and are the tools of choice to rigorously estimate emission reductions from alternative management strategies. Terra Global has run these models on a field-by-field basis or in landscape mode, to estimate the potential to mitigate greenhouse gases across a region.