Emission Reduction Quantification Suite

Carbon asset development projects are vastly complex endeavors. They span multiple decades, require cross-sectoral partnerships, and involve the collection and analysis of large and varied database. Terra Global Capital has developed a module-based platform with a suite of tools designed to meet the challenging requirements of carbon asset development.


Close coordination between project developers, communities, local and national governments, non-governmental organizations and other project proponents is essential for the success of a carbon asset development project. The Terralytics Workplans module is a dynamic project management tool which provides a shared workspace for coordinating activities across all participants. Users can choose to view the workplan in a classic grid or as a Gantt chart.

Document Repository

Facilitate the collaborative development of project documents. The Document Repository provides a secure workspace for all project-critical records. Manage workflow through revision tracking and access control.

Classification Toolbox

Harness in-country expertise using this web-based collaborative classification tool. The collection of training reference data is an essential component of land cover classification. The imagery database can be populated with a range of historic scenes with multiple views to enhance image interpretation. The collaborative classification tool allows multiple interpreters to populate a database of known land covers which in turn links to machine learning classification algorithms. Share the results for comment with the Classification Product Viewer.

Emission Reduction Quantification Tools

This series of tools provides a step-by-step system for calculating emission reductions from program activities. Analyze project activities, drivers of deforestation, baseline deforestation and reforestation rates to produce emission reduction reports. Calculate baseline and project ex-ante and ex-post emission reductions.