PRESTO (Producer’s Environmental Sustainability Tool)

PRESTO is specifically designed to enable various levels of stakeholders, including individual growers, farm advisors, project developers and verifiers to easily access and participate in agricultural carbon markets. At this time, the platform supports the American Carbon Registry Rice Protocol and the California Air Resource Board Rice Protocol.

This agricultural support system:

  1. Enables the aggregation of various fields into a project,
  2. Eases the burden of grower data collection through the automatic capture and integration of on-field and remote sensors,
  3. Streamlines modeling and quantification requirements in order to calculate field and project level emission reductions, and
  4. Enables a more efficient verification process due to all documentation and data being stored on the system.

It combines an easy to use user interface with the requirements of the DNDC (denitrification decomposition) model. PRESTO creates the needed input files for the calibration of the model and the baseline and project input files, including the development of the baseline scenario using historical field data.

PRESTO is optimized for mobile, making the platform fully accessible on hand-held devices such a phones and tablets to facilitate use in the field. It is anticipated that as more agricultural methodologies become available and used by growers they will be integrated in the platform.