REDD+/Sustainable Landscape Finance

REDD+/Sustainable Landscape Finance

Terra Global provides technical support to governments to attract new sources of REDD+ finance, and to participate in emissions markets and results-based programs. Our work is tailored to support governments at various levels of REDD+ readiness and to achieve each country’s specific priorities. The REDD+ finance and markets component of our offering provides technical assistance to facilitate the implementation of foundational elements to leverage existing and attract new sources of finance.

Terra Global provides leading edge support for jurisdictional REDD+ programs:

  • REDD+ finance and markets readiness assessments
  • Institutional arrangements and benefits plans for integration of site-based activities into jurisdictional results-based programs
  • Bankability of activities within a program
  • Financing strategies and planning
  • Carbon Fund and other results-based program document development
  • REDD+ monitoring and trading platform design and development
  • REDD+ finance and markets training and capacity building
  • Structuring and issuing of REDD+/Climate Bonds
  • Deployment of risk-reduction mechanisms