New Paper: Colombia’s Carbon Market Revolutionizing Rural Development

The paper examines the climate finance and rural development opportunities that Colombia’s carbon fuel tax has created through the Colombian carbon credit market, focusing on REDD+ and other land-use.

Despite COVID, Kulera REDD+ Program Safely Completes VCS/CCB Field Audit

Kulera REDD+ Program in Malawi completes the field audit for their second verification demonstrating activities on the ground help conserve forests, protect biodiversity and improve livelihoods.

Guidance paper released for Governments to Attract Private Investments in REDD+

IETA releases paper “Guidance and Conditions for Attracting Private Sector Investments to National REDD+” with support from REDD+ WG including Terra Global

Rapid Conservation Assessments Set a Strong Foundation with Hawai’i’s Ranchers

Terra Global met with ranchers on the Big Island of Hawai’i and Oahu to evaluate their conservation practices and the ability to generate GHG and environmental benefits.

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