“Pass-on” Programs Promote Livelihoods of Women and Farmers within Kulera REDD+ Program

Kulera supported Community Associations NVA and NAWIRA distribute seed and expand the goat pass-on program to promote food security.

Announcing $640 Million Investment from Anew Climate for Nature-based Solutions

Anew Climate Commits Up to $640 Million to Terra Global to Accelerate Climate Finance for Nature-Based Solutions.

Kulera REDD+ Program Biomass and Biodiversity Training with Local Project Coordinators, Surrounding Communities

Terra Global completed its first field visit and in-person training for the Kulera REDD+ Program since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

New Paper: Colombia’s Carbon Market Revolutionizing Rural Development

The paper examines the climate finance and rural development opportunities that Colombia’s carbon fuel tax has created through the Colombian carbon credit market, focusing on REDD+ and other land-use.

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